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Customer Service

After-sales service

Requirement on no reason return in 7 days
Customers can refund goods in 7 days starting at zero hour of the second day after signing for product acceptance. Product should be intact for refund, with product itself, receipt and invoice (if you have), tag, logo, manual book, service card, gift and other accessories all in good shape. In addition to legal requirement, refund will not be accepted if one of the following conditions are found, such as invoice defect (if the invoice has been issued), and defect of tag, logo, gift, manual book, service card (including discrepancy between specification on service card and the product), product surface damage, components damage, man-made damage, or factors that will impede second-time sales as illustrated by De Jie company including inappropriate usage or package damage.

λ To avoid damage in the second time delivery, customers have to package the product exactly as the package made by Dejie China. Product has to be packed by original plastic bag, and protected by original foams. If original package, plastic bag or foams have been damaged, customers need to have products covered by plastic bags and protected by similar packages. For refund, please have the express bill be stuck on logistics box, not on the product’s colored original package box. For more information, you may check with Livtech customer center or on-line service. Please confirm with SF Express before delivery.
λ If customer requires no reason return of products, the return express fees will be undertaken by customers. Please choose SF Express for refund.
λ Refund amount will comply with customer’s actual payment.

One year warranty service
The warranty will last for one year, and customers have to deliver product to our company for repair. If any warranty service is required thanks to quality issues, delivery fees will be undertaken by our company.

Professional Logistics Service
Our products will be delivered by professional logistics service. Please check if there are any damages or flaws on product package or appearance, and whether product numbers and specifications comply with your order. You have the right to challenge and reject to receive products if any damage is found, part of or all the product specifications are wrong, or product number is wrong. We will make new delivery for you. A receipt without any challenge from you indicates that you have no question about our product appearance, product number and specification.