German Engineering
Since 1935



Q: Where does the product come from? Is it made domestically or imported?
A: Our products are designed by German R&D team and manufactured in China. Products are specially designed to cope with current air pollution in China.

Q: What are the relations between Livtech and Karcher Group?
A: Livtech is a sub-brand of life health product under Karcher Group, and is authorized by German Karcher headquarters to be used for sales by De Jie Air Purification Equipment (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary.


Q: What is the plastics on product made of? Is there any smell in operation?
A: This product adopts VO fire-proofing materials. HEPA filter will have some smell in operation, but it is in normal condition, and customers don’t have to worry about it.

Q: How often will the filter be changed? Is there any indicator of filter changing?
A: It depends on how the filter is used and air condition in different cities. Usually, filter needs to be changed in every two weeks.

Q: How long does it take in battery charging? How long could it be used in full power? How long is the standby time?
A: It takes around three hours for lithium battery to be charging full, which can be used for 8 to 15 hours (depending on actual conditions), and its standby time is 24 hours.

Q: Does the product have big noise in operation?
A: After factory inspection, noise comes in an average level of 34 dB(A) and up to 48 dB(A) under the maximum power level.

Q: How to change filter? Is there a video or guidance for us?
A: You may turn around the filter cup anti-clockwise and take off the filter to change. For more details, you may refer to the manual book.

Q: Is the filter element able to filtrate PM2.5 and dust? Could it be used in home decoration?
A: 1) This product is specially designed for PM2.5 filtration to cope with air pollution; 2) This is a portable air purifier with limited purifying capability. For home decoration, it is suggested to choose Karcher’s large air purifier for home application.

Q: What is the weight of the product? Is it heavy to bring along?
A: 1) Air purifier weights at 125g, and scarf weights at 100g, and you may check specification of each product for more details. 2) After test, the product weight is within the tolerance range, and it is convenient to be brought along in our daily life.

Q: How long is the life span of the product?
A: The product is designed to be used for 500 hours, and it depends on usage of different customers, such as how many hours it is used each day and how many days it is used, etc.


Q: Why the mask is not hermetic?
A: A hermetic mask design will cause lack of air ventilation and humidity in mouth and nose. Our product is designed to fit the face, and a duct is also designed for air ventilation as well as high efficient filtration.

Q: What is the mask made of? Will it be out of shape after washing?
A: The mask is made of 100% pearl cotton, and is detachable, without any deformation after washing.

Q: What is the scarf made of? Will it be out of shape after washing?
A: The scarf for autumn is made of Rome cloth (35% polyester, 60% rayon, and 5% spandex), without any deformation after washing. The scarf for winter is made of 100% acrylic material, without any deformation after washing.