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Haze Pollution

Nowadays, haze pollution has been a hot topic in society. Do you know the components of haze? What harm will it cause to us? PM2.5 is one of the components of haze, which is posing great threat to people’s health, and is also the cause of hazy weather.

What is PM2.5

PM2.5 is the particulate in the air with diameter smaller than or equal to 2.5 micron, and it is also called particulate matter 2.5. As research indicates, components of PM2.5 in the atmosphere include organic matter, element carbon, nitrate, sulfate, ammonium salt, chloride, etc. All these matters influence our body via breath, contact, diet, and water source, laying a hidden danger for our health.

Threat of Haze

Threat to lung - When PM2.5 is breathed into our body, 75% of them will be deposited in alveoli, causing chronic fibrosis of lung tissues, leading to pulmonary heart disease with deteriorated asthma. It will also cause postnasal catarrh and chronic bronchitis.

Threat to heart - PM2.5 has borne with it large amount of harmful gas and heavy metal, which when breathed into blood, will be dissolved in blood, causing damage on bloodvessel endothelium and angiostegnosis.

Threat to skin - Our skins are exposed to haze everyday, which will be irritated by heavy metal, chemical composition and bacteria in the dust, causing skin allergy, comedogencity, dermatitis and blackhead.