German Engineering
Since 1935

KÄRCHER Group Company

Founded in 1935, KÄRCHER Group has owned over 1,700 patents. Till now, KÄRCHER has established over 65 subordinate companies with 11,862 employees worldwide, making itself a large multinational group in the global cleaning industry with 2016 sales value up to Euro 2.33 billion. 

KÄRCHER Group owns several subordinate companies, namely WOMA, cleanpark® and Ringler. It is noticeable that WOMA GmbH is a renowned manufacturer of ultra-high pressure water pump and equipment, boasting abundant experiences in developing and manufacturing fixed and mobile ultra-high pressure systems; cleanpark® offers professional services in transportation vehicle cleaning, including cars, campers, vans, motorbikes, bikes, trailers and ships, etc. Bernhard Ringler Apparate-Bau GmbH is a supplier of high performance vacuum cleaner, presenting vacuum cleaning system solutions for industrial applications. 

KÄRCHER Group has been devoted to public welfare for decades. By cleaning world-renowned architectures, KÄRCHER has demonstrated its outstanding capabilities and techniques in cleaning, making contribution to the protection of world culture heritage. 

Facing deteriorating global environment, the company has expanded its business to life health and environment improvement since 2015, investing in new product development. In 2017, De Jie Air Purification Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary was set up in China, and LIVTECH, a new brand was also created, to recruit Chinese local employees and understand local market demands, working hand in hand with German R&D team to cope with haze pollution in China. In October, 2017, wearable smart air purifier, an innovative new product will be launched, eliminating PM2.5 in hazy days for people to go out, creating a clean outdoor environment and giving people more freedom in action with improved life quality.