German Engineering
Since 1935


With rapid economic development, air pollution has been deteriorating in China. Haze has shown higher frequency of occurrence which is getting worse year by year. Many multinational corporations are making efforts in improving ecological environment in China. KÄRCHER has made large investment to work with global R&D team to develop life health products in China, and also established De Jie Air Purification Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary to work as a bridge to connect cutting edge German technique with local customer demands, offering innovative products to help people stay away from polluted air, but embrace clean air and high-quality smart life.

LIVTECH is a new brand created by KÄRCHER in 2017, focusing on life heath products. De Jie Air Purification Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has been authorized for business operation in China. The company has launched its first new product, a wearable smart air purifier integrating leading German air purifying technologies and fashionable design.

This innovative product can help people get rid of traditional masks that are easy to get moist for bacteria breeding, keeping people away from PM2.5 and even influenza virus in a high efficient and healthy way. Unique fashionable shape has made the product a stylish accessory in people’s daily life, meanwhile it is also able to keep out the wind and the cold for people in winter.

Inheriting the spirit of German craftsman, LIVTECH has been pursuing outstanding product quality and exquisite detail, making each product an artwork with strong function, advanced technology and excellent design.