October 10th, 2017, Shanghai, Kärcher, the global market leader in cleaning industry, launched a wearable air purifier with the new brand LIVTECH in China targeting local consumers.

All year, especially in autumn and winter seasons, China suffers heavy smog and haze. The need for health products in the Chinese market is gradually increasing. Currently, in domestic market, the variety of masks is limited: most conventional masks can’t protect consumers from smog and haze, while those masks which have this function are poor regarding to portability and short of good designs. Compared with conventional masks, LIVTECH scarf not only focuses on function, but also on fashion. It is in line with the pursuit of good quality of urban life.

For this LIVTECH innovative mobile air purifying scarf, Kärcher employed cutting-edge technology and cooperated with fashion designers in Europe and Asia, based on Asian wearing habits and international high-end fashion design and the air conditions in autumn and winter in China from latest market researches. It aims at ‘combining scientific and technological innovation and fashion trends’, providing a healthy and fashionable choice for Chinese consumers.

The core component of LIVTECH scarf is the HEPA filter which can efficiently filter micro particles and dust with the size above 0.3 μm to provide you a healthy and highly-purified environment. It prevents users from PM2.5, dust allergies and other harmful particles. When wearing the air purification scarf, you can adjust the air flow generated by the filter in 3 different modes according to your need and preference. The filter can be replaced regularly to ensure its high efficiency. The Mobile Air Purifier is powered by innovational lithium batteries, which can meet your daytime needs for up to 12 hours before recharging.

Besides its great function, another feature of the newly-launched LIVTECH scarf is its fashionable design as an accessory. The mask is made of 100% EPE which is soft and breathable. The surface directly contacting the face is smooth and comfortable. The scarf part looks simple, but is well designed and full of functional but invisible components that ensure a high quality of the product and a high-end fashion look. The material used is delicate and soft, which can be removed and easy to wash. In the autumn and winter of 2017, LIVTECH scarf launches four popular colors in the international fashion world ——Silver Gray, Cream Brown, Star Gray and Jade Stone Black. Each color is suitable for both males and females. Whether for daytime works, commuting, or for outdoor sports and leisure activities, like driving a bike or a scooter, or for other formal events, the scarf has its fashionable and trendy characters. If you fold the mask part, it would be a normal scarf for daily usage and keep you warm in cold seasons. The healthy ‘FREESTYLE’ is what makes LIVTECH a special stuff in this year in China.

To facilitate the better use of the LIVTECH scarf, Kärcher also developed a smart phone APP, which leads consumers into the era of intelligent equipment. Consumers have full access to the condition of the product, including automatic switch on/off, adjusting the speed of air flow, mode controlling, air purification statistics monitor, machine operation timing, automatic reminder to replace the filter, reminder of low battery and so on. Consumer can also check the air condition of the cities which are concerned. It also can help monitor the health of the whole family. This APP will be launched with the product and available in Apple store and Android market.

From October this year, LIVTECH mobile air purifying scarf will be available on many e-commerce platforms, including Tmall and JD.com. A revolution on air purification and a higher standard of living and freedom is coming!