"Trends Health" magazine, one of high-end health media in China, released 2017 Health Example Brand List recently.  Livtech air purifying scarf, from international cleaning industry giant Kärcher Group, accesses to Outdoor Healthy Breathing Award, with its cutting-edge technology and fashion design.

"Trends Health" magazine is affiliated to Trends Group, a premier fashion media group in China, with its sister magazines COSMO, Esquire and Bazaar in vertically integrated lifestyle media industry.  "Trends Health" magazine aims to advocate the concept of healthy living in China and guide the fashion and healthy lifestyles.  It  provides the most helpful and healthy solutions for those high-end urban people who are in heavy pressure from the works and living environments.  Health Example Brand List is an important list published by "Trends Health" magazine at the end of each year, which is featured health related brands.  The list recommends truly healthy products to its readers, and delivers health knowledge and information to help them to approach a healthy body and a healthy life.

As a collection of black technology and fashion design, Livtech air purifying scarf has received high praise among consumers in China, as soon as it is introduced into the market by the end of this year.  It is in line with the pursuit of good quality of urban life to meet the needs of health protection in smog and haze polluted air environment, which makes it to win this Outdoor Healthy Breathing Award from "Trends Health" magazine.

With cleaning engineering technology from Germany, Livtech air purifying scarf is designed especially to provide mobile solutions for air-pollution problems in China.  Mobile Air Purifier (MAP), the core component of Livtech scarf is the HEPA filter which can efficiently filter micro particles and dust.  The MAP is powered by innovational lithium batteries, which can meet your daytime needs for up to 12 hours before recharging.  One smart phone APP is also developed to facilitate the better use of the LIVTECH scarf.  One simple touch will help access to the condition of the product, outdoor air conditions, healthy knowledge reminders and etc.  Through the touch of LED touch screen,  3 different modes of air flow are to be adjusted and a maximum of air stream is to reach 50l/m.

Besides its great function, another feature of Livtech air purifying scarf is its fashionable design as an accessory.  The three-piece combination of mask, MAP and scarf,  is designed exquisitely and produced with skin-friendly materials.  The new fashion stuff can not only protect the respiratory health, but also keep the warm in winter season.  The mask is made of 100% EPE which is soft and breathable.  The scarf is cutting-fashionable and made of soft and delicate material, which is removable and easy to clean.  In the autumn and winter of 2017, Livtech scarf launches four popular colors in the international fashion world ——Silver Gray, Cream Brown, Star Gray and Jade Stone Black, to feature the urban look to all modern people.