Upon the launching of LIVTECH air purifying scarf, we sincerely invite all our guests to share with us your fashion dress with LIVTECH air purifying scarf. We will select the Most In Look every month, and the winners will receive LIVTECH air purifying scarf as award.


Picture Requirement

- 1-2 pictures per person

- Comply with national regulation over internet content

- Ensure clearness of pictures, no high-resolution is required. Selfie picture is acceptable

- Formats of JPG, PDF and PNG are acceptable

- Picture size is limited within 1M

- Name your picture as “LIVTECH Autumn and Winter Show - Name”


Email Format

- Email title: LIVTECH Autumn and Winter Show - Name

- Please write in the email your name, cell phone number and address



- This program will not be closed until March 31, 2018

- Winner list will be released on our website every month