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Threat of Pollen

Pollen allergy has been a common allergic disease with increasing rate of occurrence year by year, posing great threat to people’s health. Pollen has a diameter of 30 to 50 microns, making it easy to be breathed in respiratory tract by people in the air. 

The reason pollen will cause allergy on human body is because pollen particulate brings with it antigenic determinant that triggers allergy. The symposium of pollen allergy is sneezing, running nose, itch on nose, eye, ear and the upper jaw, along with difficult breathing, or urticaria, eczema.

Deterioration of pollen allergy will lead to respiratory disease such as chronic asthma, nasopharyngitis, conjunctivitis, pneumonia. Serious allergy will even cause some life-threatening illness, such as heart failure, liver and kidney impairment.